Chiropodist / Podiatrist

Wide-ranging services

I am an established specialist in the field of foot care and offer you many options to boost overall foot health and well-being. 
My services include:
• Steroid injection
•Dermal filler foot padding
• Prolotherapy
• Nail surgery
• Nail reconstruction
• Toenail cutting, corn and callus removal
• Ingrown toenail removal
• Gait analysis, bespoke orthoses casting and fitting
• Diabetic treatment and testing
• Fungal nail cold laser therapy
I also check your feet for pulses, hair growth, nail condition, skin condition and possible underlying problems.

Individual attention

Nail surgery
For those people who suffer with ingrown nails or onychomycotic (fungal nail infection) nail plates.
A small operation can be performed, which can give a permanent solution to the problem of constant pain or discomfort. This is done by removing part or all of the nail plate. If all of the nail plate is removed, a reconstruction can be made, giving the appearance of a healthy nail.
Dermal filler foot padding
A new way to add comfort to those areas of pressure brought on by callus or corn formation. Over time the fatty padding on the soles of our feet displaces and this can bring on areas of thinning tissue. Dermal fillers over the metatarsal heads can bring great relief to those stress points and is particularly effective for those who like to wear a high heeled shoes.
Nail reconstruction
A restoration of those damaged or onychomycotic (fungal nail infected) nails is now available. This can change the appearance of an unsightly nail plate and make showing off your feet a more natural and pleasurable experience. 
Ureka foot cream
With 10% synthesized urea, this has to be one of the best foot moisturising creams on the market. The product absorbs well leaving your feet light and fresh without that greasy feeling that some foot creams leave behind. This product cannot be found in your local pharmacy but is available only at Marc Metcalf Podiatrist G.C.S.Ch.M.Inst.Ch.Pod.
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Bespoke Orthotics

Orthoses (bespoke shoe inserts) For health and athletics, can help treat and correct various problems such as lower back, hip and knee pain as well as helping with foot alignment and arch support. When you consult with me, I note down the correct measurements and adjustments to be able to mould perfectly fitting orthotics. Get in touch with me today to book an appointment. 

Key services:

• Heel pain treatment
• Foot pain treatment
• Insole fitting
• Orthotics
• Bunion treatment
• Foot and ankle mobilisations
• Balance training
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Ingrown Toenail Treatments In London
Whether you’re in Mayfair W1, London or Bicester, get in touch with Marc Metcalf Podiatrist G.C.S.Ch.M.Inst.Ch.Pod. for ingrown toenail treatments.
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